Top Floor Coaching & Consultancy offers a Quick Coaching approach for employees to effectively manage through existing resistance and conflicts at work. Please let us introduce you to the Top Floor Coaching program.

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What is the Top Floor Coaching program?

An employee receives max.10 one-on-one sessions with a specialized coach. In these sessions the coach and the employee analyze the situation, develop a strategy and foster the necessary skills to attain cooperation from others or resolve the conflict.

Top Floor Coaching is:

  • Problem solving and developmental
  • Short and comprehensive
  • Affordable
  • Practical
  • Result oriented
  • Behavior oriented

Top Floor offers several practical meeting options: in person coaching
sessions at the workplace, long distance conference calls, and Skype.

Why Top Floor Coaching?

The Top Floor Coaching program has unique advantages compared
to other programs that are offered in the market.

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  • It is more specialized in managing through resistance and conflict than personal coaching.
    Therefore, it is quicker and less costly than personal coaching.
  • There is more problem-solving than in conflict management training programs.
    Training programs lack the focus for specific conflict(s) the employee currently needs to resolve.
  • With mediation the employee learns nothing to prevent conflicts in the future. And mediation is more expensive.

Top Floor Coaching will effectively help resolve an employee’s current conflicts AND will develop the employee’s skills to prevent such conflicts in the future. Top Floor Coaching offers a unique and cost effective approach to help employees manage through resistance and conflict at work.

For whom is Top Floor Coaching?

Top Floor Coaching is tailor made coaching for:

  • Individuals, pairs or groups of employees
  • All levels of seniority
  • All functions and disciplines
  • Employees who speak English around the globe

What are the results so far?

Approximately 90% of our coaching clients have attained their coaching goal, whereas 10% have attained their goal partially.
After max.10 coaching sessions employees have frequently learned to:

  • break through the resistance
  • resolve the conflict
  • persuade their peer or supervisor
  • stand up for themselves successfully
  • become less aggressive towards others
  • control their emotions

This is what our clients have said about Top Floor Coaching:

“I’ve been well in the past months and that is mainly because of what I learned at Top Floor Coaching.”
“I had a wonderful coach! The tools she has taught me have been extremely useful already.”
“The coach was great! She was insightful, practical, and a great listener and sharer.  I’d recommend her for sure.”

And this is what the supervisors and HR managers of our coaching
clients have said about the results of Top Floor Coaching:

“This coaching worked out fantastic! This team member has significantly
improved her relations with her peers and gets less emotional.”

“I can really see the difference. He became less dominant and a better listener.
That makes him more effective as a manager.”

“The difference is striking! The General Manager wants to work with her now,
which is good for all of us. From ‘not promotable’ she became ‘promotable’!”

“The experience has been incredibly valuable in providing her with a tool
kit to manage business situations.”

Top Floor Coaching is an effective coaching approach to help employees in managing through resistance and conflict and attaining cooperation from others. The Top Floor Coaching program was developed by E. Markus, Ph.D., a psychologist specialized in creating effective interpersonal strategies for successful teamwork. E. Markus has successfully coached individuals, teams and companies for over 15 years.

If you would like to get more information about Top Floor Coaching, please contact us.

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